Franck Ribery only needs wings to fly. His high-speed look gives the impression that he is an aerodynamic model that plays football. During his career, he has made only a few changes in his image but this is not a matter of taste, the scars that has due to an accident many years ago, can´t let him make more changes. In the next photos we analyzed the few changes that […]

Few sport images project congruence as Yelena Isinbayeva. Besides being a beautiful woman she projects an image of women focused in work. Yelena communicates through her personality security, showing what she wants and where to go in her life and balancing her personal and professional life. Beyond the cold image that many russians communicate, Isinbayeva changes that perception and when she is interviewed, she evidences, through her eyes, happiness and […]

Visiting an exotic country like Brazil is seductive. Walking on the streets, go to the most important tourist places and the football stadiums that in a year will be hosting the World Cup. It would be good to question players and managers of the mexican team how much and what they know about Brazil, beyond just knowing just about their sports heroes and stadiums. What do they know about their […]

He is a goalkeeper who takes life seriously. More than ten years being the goalkeeper of italian national soccer team. He has made history and has printed the best of his image to the “azzurris”. Gianluigui Buffon has a defiant way of looking and a mischievous smile. His seductive and sexy personality seek to catch the attention, and sends a powerful message of provocation. Safety from his head to his […]