He is a goalkeeper who takes life seriously. More than ten years being the goalkeeper of italian national soccer team. He has made history and has printed the best of his image to the “azzurris”. Gianluigui Buffon has a defiant way of looking and a mischievous smile. His seductive and sexy personality seek to catch the attention, and sends a powerful message of provocation. Safety from his head to his […]

All soccer fans have a coach in their heads that gives instructions, moves pieces like a chessman, removes players who show no character as well as those who do not have the attitude to win the game. The coach’s role today is no longer limited to that. Now, he should be able to understand better their players, manage their egos, lead and motivate them to achieve personal and group goals. […]

“The best way to become famous is to create or to be in the middle of a scandal”. A phrase that reveals human weaknesses just to stand out at any price and cost. A scandal is a time bomb that few people know how to control and respond to it. A common practice that most of the athletes turn to because they see scandals an easy road, a simple advertising […]

A player choose the image that he wants to have. It may be due to circumstances, convenience or because he is more awareness about it. It is quite true that not all the players are able to trascend in levels of popularity, fame and earnings. This is not what an athlete should only be eager for. His image could catapult him so far, more than he believes. The player needs […]