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  • Chicharito CarismaChicharito
  • Messi MagiaMessi
  • Cristiano Ronaldo SoberbiaCristiano Ronaldo
  • Julio César EsfuerzoJulio César
  • Lance Armstrong SuperaciónLance Armstrong
  • Lorena Ochoa ConstanciaLorena Ochoa
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1. Image analysis and diagnostic

A positive or negative sports image is built in time so it is necessary to create a solid strategy analyzing your strengths and opportunity areas. 

2. Crisis management strategies and consultancy

Nobody can avoid getting involved in a crisis and displayed  in media. Develop a crisis management plan helps to maintain your sports image intact, despite the attacks.

3. Media training

In front of media you are the message. Your words and attitudes expresses more than you think and its part of your sports image and your reputation.

4. Media positioning

We write releases to share with media, in other words make some noise about you, to manage and control your perceptions increasing trust and maintaining safe your sports image.

5. Sports social responsibility strategies

Develop many commitments contributing to the economic, social, environmental and sports improvement, showing respect for values, people, communities and environment.

6. Social media

Manage your social networks with well-defined communication messages that impact positively and influence the people.

7. Sport coaching

An individual learning method where your human potential will be maximized, stimulating your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-learning ,helping you to improve your communication skills, human relations and productivity.