Jokes is fruits of talent. They reduce stress and create a more relaxed atmosphere, and in football, there is no exception. However, not all jokes are funny. Depends on what you say, how you say and where you say it. What may be funny to some people, for others would be sad, jokes that seem to be polite would be hurtful to others. John Galliquio, a Peru´s national team defender, […]

The Olympic Games in London were not only the opportunity to see the best athletes winning medals, breaking records or inscribing their name in sports glory. They represent a huge area of opportunity for London to show its best as a country in economy, organization and security to overcome what Beijing did in 2008. Therefore, the Mayor of London and the national tourism agency developed a “Manual of good manners” […]

Why always me? is the phrase that we can see below 45 jersey of Manchester City´s Italian forward. He is a son of Ghanaian immigrants, but they could not pay an intestinal disease and gave for adoption to an Italian couple. He is Mario Balotelli. The person who collects traffic fines won in one night 25000 pounds in a casino and donated 1,000 to a homeless and burned his house […]

Mexico is one of the countries who most demonstrate its joy when their athletes succeed, now we usually put a label of hero to people who apart from the rest or had an outstanding participation in international competitions. The perception of reality, often hit by political and economic situations we are facing, but can be modified by a successful passage of athletes who placed Mexico´s name at the top. A […]