If you really want something in life, there are no obstacles and limits, much less excuses. Here, what really counts are possibilities and your capacity to move from words to facts. Talking about facts, the training that Fc Barcelona gives to all his players, coaches and staff in La Masía (soccer academy), it is a work of years that matches to a plan and it is loyal to his values, […]

Cuando realmente queremos algo en la vida hay que ir tras ello, no hay obstáculos ni tampoco las limitaciones, mucho menos debe haber pretextos. Aquí lo que cuentan son las posibilidades y nuestra capacidad de pasar de las palabras a los hechos. Hablando de hechos, la capacitación que realizan equipos como el Fc Barcelona en La Masía a sus jóvenes talentos, es un trabajo de años que corresponde a una […]

Image is perception. Perception is reality. In sports, basketball players have to control and know what their attitudes, words, behavior, gestures are communicating to others. Are their image in line with their goals? Kobe Bryant is playing his last NBA season. He definitely will be missed but his legacy and image will remain forever. What does Kobe´s image communicate about him ?:   1. Loyalty to his team He never […]

  In one word what could you tell me about Michael Jordan?, Floyd Mayweather?, Serena Williams?, Stephen Curry?   Whatever is your answer, all of them are successful athletes.   Reaching success for an athlete is not easy. You have to work, trust in yourself and build a positive image that would lasts forever.   The path is not easy. It is your choice to take control of your thoughts […]