Is equally important for a team to have a strategy in sports image like in corporate finance.

Sports moves people, make them feel emotions that are consistent with the identity of teams and if it is credible with what they are communicating, they will be following them.

Historically, in any sport there are loved and hated teams. They build their reputation on what they say and do and say and do again, although good results can impact in their good reputation.

In soccer, the best example of teams loved by many people and hated by others are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Two teams with different personalities that causes infatuation, joy, love, anger and hatred of thousands of fans worldwide.

In Mexico the same case happens between America and Guadalajara. They are loved and hated. Antagonistic to each other from the beginning. The image that they communicate to their fans has helped and positioned their marketing campaigns and they have made the most of its “fame”.

In basketball, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls are two loved and hated teams, although Miami Heat has also won the tag of a team loved by some and hated by others.

In the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys are loved and hated teams. They have found successful messages to communicate and been consistent to them.

In baseball, Los Angeles Dodgers and the NY Yankees are loved and hated teams, also the Boston Red Sox. History, championships and recent successes have helped them but from my point of view something is missing to them to take advantage of this.

And finally, Formula 1 teams Ferrari and McLaren are two loved and hated teams. Their drivers have done much to create this image, although Red Bull has the tag of a team loved by some and hated by others too.

Create, getting or keeping the image of a team that does not cause anything to fans is like trying to go diving without an oxygen tank. Forcing an identity just to get attention is like to get a mask and project something that is not true, and is clearly evident.

The fans of these loved and hated teams not only have grown in number. Teams came out of the ordinary, innovated and found arguments to project with their sports image, beyond its history, players and coaches.

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