He is a goalkeeper who takes life seriously. More than ten years being the goalkeeper of italian national soccer team. He has made history and has printed the best of his image to the “azzurris”.

Gianluigui Buffon has a defiant way of looking and a mischievous smile. His seductive and sexy personality seek to catch the attention, and sends a powerful message of provocation. Safety from his head to his feet.

His look is an element that readily distinguishes him. A 3 day beard, pins in his hair, also the color and designs of his sweaters gives him a modern look to his image and breaks the stereotype of a traditional goalkeeper.

His hoarse voice is intimidating. He doesn´t leave words when he speaks showing that his image is full of self-confidence without concealing his most serious side.

This serious personality that he projects in interviews and press conferences, breaks the image that we see of him on the field, when he makes jokes with coaches and teammates.

Gianluigui Buffon is a sports image that has become a true and total legend in the italian goal.

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