A player choose the image that he wants to have. It may be due to circumstances, convenience or because he is more awareness about it.

It is quite true that not all the players are able to trascend in levels of popularity, fame and earnings. This is not what an athlete should only be eager for. His image could catapult him so far, more than he believes.

The player needs to distinguish between what he believes and wants of himself. A self-analysis and a study will help him to get the perception of the people with he has more contact, for example, coach, president, teammates, media, family, friends and fans that could help him to start building his image.

When he dimensions the potential that he could have with his image, more than just appearing on advertising and marketing campaigns, the player becomes a strategist about his image in an environment where many players dress, say and behave in the same way.

The best for a player is to act naturally. Cheating his personality would be credible for a while but then when he lost everything the consequences in the perception of success that he wants to have would be fatal.

Once he recognized as a person with a certain profile, then it is advisable to begin to act and implement his image strategy, it will work if he commits and maintains it.

There are players who, according on their personality have built an image strategy more successful than others. The following examples, players with different personalities, are perceived as:

1. Nearby:

Javier “Chicharito” Hernández
Giovanni Dos Santos
Didier Drogba

2. Discrete

Jose de Jesus Corona
Xavi Hernandez
Andres Iniesta

3. Egocentric

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cuauhtemoc Blanco

4. Hated

Wayne Rooney
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Mario Balotelli

5. Beloved

Lionel Messi
Iker Casillas

6. Media celebrity

David Beckham
Samuel Eto’o
Guillermo Ochoa

I am not saying that many of them have a better image than the others. These cases talk about the effectiveness of the messages they communicate through their image and makes it credible for a long term period

The construction of the image of the player depends on 50% of what he does, says and acts in a short, medium and long term, and 50% of what people say about him.

If the player really knows what he wants and believes in it, he can make his image a very profitable asset that will benefit him in the future.

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